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I must confess, I hadn’t played Alan Wake until just two weeks ago, right before starting the sequel. I’m a big fan of Remedy’s games — Max Payne and Control are among my all-time favorites. But for some reason, I always avoided Alan Wake. Horror games and the need to use a flashlight in dark settings aren’t really my thing. However, after hearing a lot of praise and having already bought the sequel, I decided to give it a try. The outcome was surprising, even to me.

Don’t get me wrong — I love this game. I just can’t pinpoint why. Each individual element seems just okay or even mediocre. The combat is annoying and repetitive. The environment, though meticulously crafted, is dark and unremarkable (yes, I played the original, not the remaster). The story is intriguing but leaves many questions unanswered. Yet, when these elements combine, they form a masterpiece. I couldn’t stop playing until I finished it, and then I spent a lot of time reading about the lore and theories surrounding the story.

In my opinion, Remedy is one of the best game developers out there. They understand the importance of creating games with soul and depth. The shared universe concept only adds to a game that will be memorable for a long time. Now, it’s time to start Alan Wake 2.

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