In the last few years, I’ve had the privilege of judging educational video games. I’ve noticed an interesting trend: more and more educational games are appearing on the Roblox platform. It’s not just informal education anymore; these games now cover school curriculum-related subjects. What excites me even more is the improving quality of these games, which is impressive given the challenges of Roblox development.

However, integrating Roblox into schools presents a serious challenge. Many schools block access to Roblox, and there’s often low-quality internet connectivity. However, the biggest hurdle is teachers’ attitudes. Many are biased against Roblox, and let’s be honest, there are valid reasons for their concerns.

As someone deeply invested in seeing Roblox used in educational settings—not only because we’re developing a coding learning game on Roblox (Have you tried CodeCombat Worlds yet?) but also as a parent—I believe Roblox can offer a fantastic sandbox platform for teachers. Collaboration and multiplayer features are part of Roblox’s DNA, making it a unique tool for education.

I understand why many parents and teachers are skeptical about Roblox. But if we view it as a tool and work to improve it, we can create a better educational environment for our children.

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