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Crime O'Clock - A Brain Gym

This past weekend, I delved deep into ‘Crime O’Clock.’ I first tasted this intriguing game about a year ago during “The Very Big Indie Pitch.” In a rapid 10-minute presentation from the developers, the game’s potential caught my attention with nice and clean art. Later, at the DevGAMM Awards 2022, I had the opportunity to play a more extended session. It felt a little raw back then, and the tutorial seemed complicated. Even though I rated it highly, I decided to shelve it for later exploration. The game had significant improvements and is now a polished product. Fast forward to now, and I’ve spent several engrossed hours in its world.

Think of ‘Crime O’Clock’ as a narrative-rich version of ‘Where’s Waldo?’, but with multiple layers of time on a single map, many characters, and engaging mini-games. Add a sprinkle of humor here, and we get the perfect relaxation and mental diversion game.

Games like ‘Crime O’Clock’ can be therapeutic. They offer a mental workout, honing our focus and providing a space for immersive, mindful engagement. While I’ve heard concerns about such games possibly unsuitable for those with ADHD, I’m not qualified to comment on that aspect. Nonetheless, this game could serve as a brilliant brain gym for many.

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