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Fast and Slow - Marvel Snap

As the launch of our new game looms closer, my gaming time has faded away (as has my social media activity). Big titles like BG3, AC6, and SF remain untouched on my shelf, silently beckoning for some attention. In the midst of this, I’ve found solace in “Marvel Snap” – a fast-paced mobile card game. While some purists in the CCG community might overlook it as casual, I’m convinced it stands as one of the most engaging mobile games of recent times. Its allure lies in the swift 3-minute matches, a layered meta, and the innovative snap mechanic, which collectively offer a depth that’s both accessible and challenging. To be honest, the Marvel universe isn’t my top pick, perhaps because of the prevalent “Marvel-fatigue” many of us are experiencing.

I like that I can play the game in short breaks while brewing my coffee, waiting for a bus, or between sets in the gym. Also, fast-paced doesn’t mean you need 100% attention in the game – 30-second intervals make it perfect for “play while doing something else”. At the same time, I can sit down for long sessions when I want to climb in ranks and focus on Snap or Escape and choose decks based on the current meta. This balance makes it a game that feels just right, neither too brief nor too consuming. I would name this “exactly right size cake” game. I’m curious: are there other games out there that strike a similar balance?

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