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The Art of Building Worlds - How Riot Games Mageseeker Reinforces the Importance of Lore

Imagine delving into a world where stealing magic is part of surviving – welcome to my weekend with Mageseeker, a riveting 2D action RPG with nostalgic pixel graphics. The game thrives on its unique mechanics and dynamic gameplay. Yet, without its setting in the vibrant world of Runeterra, the home of ‘League of Legends’ lore, I may not have started to play and completed the story (some boss battles are not hard but very annoying). Runeterra is the realm where most of the lore from the ‘League of Legends’ intellectual property unfolds. This familiarity caught my interest, compelling me to delve deeper into the world and characters I’ve grown fond of through other Riot Games’ products (primarily Wild Rift).

Mageseeker, in my opinion, is testament to Riot Games’ understanding of the significance of developing a distinctive universe and rich lore. Yes, it’s a daunting task initially, demanding significant investment of effort. Furthermore, maintaining coherence between all lore elements to ensure a robust and consistent narrative is no easy feat. However, the dividends that this approach yields are invaluable. It adds depth to your games, making them more intriguing and distinguishable, thus facilitating discoverability for the players. When a well-crafted universe and compelling lore are layered atop solid game mechanics and gameplay, the end product can be extraordinarily powerful. A case in point is ‘Ruined King’ – another title set in Runeterra’s world built on the mechanics from Battle Chasers. My initial interest in ‘Ruined King’ stemmed from its connection to Runeterra; I was eager to explore this world further. However, I soon discovered that it was a turn-based RPG, boasting excellent graphics and compelling gameplay.

This underscores my belief that investing time and resources in crafting a distinctive universe and lore might seem unnecessary from a short-term perspective. Yet, in the long run, it can offer manifold benefits, significantly enhancing your games’ recognisability and popularity.

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Mageseeker Poster (Credits Digital Sun)

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