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Agents of Influnce game

Recently I’ve met an interesting game Agents of Influence – a spy-themed educational video game that teaches students how to recognize and combat the misinformation they encounter in their daily lives. I’ve played the prototype of the game and hope to see the whole game soon. It’s a great example of an educational game that teaches important modern skills to question the trustworthiness of information and determine its trustworthiness in order to inform their decisions and build better information consumption habits. Kids and teenagers are surrounded by a titanic flow of information nowadays, and critical thinking and digital literacy are too important nowadays. I believe that this game will be an excellent tool for educators to help their students develop the skills they need to navigate the vast amounts of information they encounter on a daily basis. It is a great example of how educational games can be an effective way to teach students important skills in a fun and engaging way. I highly recommend giving it a try and seeing the impact it can have on your students’ digital literacy and critical thinking skills.

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