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From Farming to Gravekeeping - A 'Graveyard Keeper' Review

I’ve never really been into games like “Stardew Valley.” Don’t get me wrong, it’s a solid game, and I’ve kept up with its news and design bits. It’s just not my taste for crayons. But the game I do want to chat about? “Graveyard Keeper” by Lazy Bear Games. It’s like a darker, medieval twist on Stardew Valley sprinkled with dark humor. Let’s not get stuck comparing the two and dive right into Graveyard Keeper. It’s all about managing your own medieval cemetery, getting into other gigs, and finding cheeky ways to save some coin. And with the dark humor bit? Yeah, you can guess what “saving coin” might imply. 😉

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Visually? It’s got that classic pixel vibe. Before you go, “Oh, another pixel indie game,” hold up. Pixels might be a budget-friendly choice, but making them look good? Not a walk in the park. There’s this weird spot where pixel art can look less retro and more… meh. With a game market overflooded by indie games, going pixel is a gamble. But Graveyard Keeper nails it. The moody dark colors and simple design vibe fit perfectly with the game’s feel, giving it this unique atmosphere.

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Speaking of which, what are the game’s story and narrative? I must be honest: I was a little skeptical when I first started playing and was hit with the “lost memory” and “alternate world” cliches. How many times have we seen that plotline? So, after a few hours, the game truly began to stand out. It’s brimming with dark humor that catches you off guard, sprinkled with just the right amount of self-mockery that makes you chuckle. And the best part? All the cheeky references and nods to other games, movies, and pop culture. The developers threw in a little something for everyone. So, for all easter egg hunters and detail fanatics, trust me, this game has layers. Dive in, and you’ll discover a rich, engaging narrative full of surprises.

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There’s a ton of content. At first, it seems straightforward, but soon, you’re juggling loads of quests with their own tales. The NPCs? They’re a breath of fresh air, breaking the mold with depth and unique stories. While you can stick to the main plot, I’d say dive into all the quests. Especially the one with the Inquisitor. And the best part? Multiple ways to reach the game’s end. Plus, getting to the game end can be done in many ways, and you can choose your own path. Graveyard Keeper Screenshot Tavern

Now, the real gem? Gameplay. It’s hard to sum up all the mechanics but trust me, there are loads. While the early game feels pretty chill, soon, you’re swamped with choices on how to spend your time and resources. Farming, crafting, cooking, fishing, trading, exploring… you name it, it’s there. And everything has its own depth and can be mixed and matched. Grow crops, turn them into food, then potions, then zombies… and that’s just scratching the surface. And yeah, since it’s a graveyard sim, expect a fair bit about the undead, some religious touches, and all that jazz.

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Would I recommend it? Well, it’s a mixed bag. I loved it and sank hours into it. But the sheer volume of stuff to do can be both a blessing and a curse. I kind of felt swamped in the later parts. If an overflowing to-do list isn’t your thing, tread lightly. And heads up, it has a dark sense of humor, so if that’s not your jam, you might want to skip it. But if you’re game for something fresh, give it a go. It’s on PC, Xbox, PS, Switch, and mobile. And if you’re hooked, some DLCs keep you in the eerie world of Graveyard Keeper even longer.

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