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An idle game, also known as incremental games or clicker games, is a genre of video games where players perform simple actions, such as clicking a button, to generate in-game currency. Most are math-heavy behind the fancy facade of “mine diamonds” or “defeat monsters.” Some of them allow you to see formulas and the logic behind the game, while others are more abstract and don’t show you the formulas. Recently I found a game that is different from the rest. It’s called “IDLE Spiral,” and the math logic is in front of you. This is a beautiful Idle game based on spirals and mathematics. Sounds boring and not pretty? Well, it’s not. The game is very well designed, and the math behind it is very interesting. Plus, the visualization of the math is very well done, and the minimalistic design is pleasing to the eye. The only down point that the game is abandoned and not updated anymore (I hope it will change). But it’s still a great game to play and learn about math.

Steam page Idle Spiral

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Idle game screenshot

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